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Tandoor Store UK offers high-quality tandoors with a long service life.

Ceramic tandoor is a home outdoor oven in which you can cook not only meat products and vegetables. In our tandoors, you can bake bread from your own dough. And of course pizzas.

* The benefits of our tandoors:

Other manufacturers claim that at the first ignition on the walls of the tandoor cracks appear. In our case, the furnaces ""grow"" the mesh from the incisions, which can hardly be seen. Unlike many analogues, we produce only high-quality tandoors: you can easily check it in practice, because after the first 2-3 roses on the walls will not appear cracks, and formed barely noticeable to the human eye ""web.""

In the best traditions of the East, we use exclusively certified shambolic clay. The margins of error of the size of the tandoor are 5%

The EASY OPEN lid folding mechanism with a retainer is for safe and convenient use of the tandoor.

To avoid heat loss, thermal locks under the lid are built into our tandoors.

Each order - a set as a gift: the skewers , poker, scoop, cross, waterproof cover, set 4in1 and the mechanism of lifting the lid.

We make insulated tandoors with a thickness of walls of 15 cm - and this is 20% stronger than the analogues.

We use certified shambolic clay, which serves as an indicator of the quality of the number one in the production of tandoor furnaces.

Due to high-quality raw materials and traditional manufacturing technologies, our tandoors have a high performance: from 2 to 5 hours of heat recoil.

The walls are 7-8 cm thick for non insulated tandoors.

Thanks to the double ceramic coating, our insulated tandoors are not afraid of temperature changes.

Taking care of your safety and convenience due to the folding mechanism of lifting the LID EASY OPEN with an automatic retainer.

* Why choose our tandoors?

- Quality control:

During the production process, each tandoor undergoes an examination on the ecology of the composition and the strength of the structure. Thus, chemical analysis and all sorts of tests, which are carried out at the plant, allow to exclude defective products in the early stages of production. So be sure to the best - you will get an exceptionally high-quality oriental furnace.

- Forging:

After 2-3 roses you will see how cracks will appear on the walls - this is inevitable for any tandoor. Unlike other manufacturers, ours forms a mesh of incisions, thinner than a human hair - you can hardly see it with the naked eye. And even with this arrangement, we traditionally strengthen the walls of the furnace with a blacksmith forging in 4 mm, which in case of extreme overload will keep your tandoor intact.

- Tradition & Technology:

Authentic production techniques and an innovative approach have allowed us to create the perfect tandoor. High-quality raw materials and construction, tested for centuries, combined with the latest technologies: thermal lock and lifting technology EASY OPEN for fixing heavy ceramic cover. To the wish, we will also build a thermo sensor in the lid: be prepared to receive even more compliments in favor of your culinary abilities.

- Oriental Cuisine All Year Round:

Three types of insulation are used in insulated tandoors. Therefore, you can use the oven throughout the year. The insulated furnace will keep warm for up to 5 hours even in severe frosts.

- Easy Cooking Process:

Given that in tandoor can be baked, fried, simmered and stewed - it does not require unique cook skills, but very quickly tightens and becomes a favorite pastime. In addition, you can easily find a recipe and instructions on the preparation of any oriental dish on the Internet. Armenian kebab, chicken with vegetables or fish in foil: under any taste preferences of your loved ones.

- Lifespan of at least 10 years:

A good tandoor can be determined by several signs: the thickness of the walls from 7 cm, the smooth ceramic surface and the presence of blacksmithing. Everything will show the first ignition, after which deep cracks should not form - with our furnaces you will not face such a problem. They satisfy all quality indicators, which is why they have a longer lifespan than their counterparts. If properly operated, it is at least 10 years old.

- Certified Factory Manufacturer:

Mandatory certification of clay raw materials and roasting products at a temperature of 1200 degrees give as a result of tandoor, which has passed all stages of inspection and is ready to please your whole family for years. With it you will live a lot of unforgettable gastronomic discoveries. Pork kebabs for my daughter's birthday or weekend at the cottage with a real Uzbek pilaf: the valuable joys of living in the circle of relatives and friends with our oriental ovens.

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